The 'Ukulele Guild of Hawaii was originally founded in 2001 by experienced craftsmen whose primary interest was building high quality 'ukulele. As the organization continues to grow in the tradition of high quality, the Guild added services in the area of playing the 'ukulele by embracing the concept of Kanikapila---making music together. In our practice and sharing of Kanikapila we perform community service as well, thereby supporting the universally accepted concept that 'ukulele is all about having FUN!

So we build, we teach, we play and we have FUN. In doing this, we have attracted the world's best builders, players and teachers to share in our collective passion for 'ukulele. We enthusiastically invite your participation in helping us grow 'UKULELE!

Our Mission Statement
The 'Ukulele Guild of Hawai'i is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, perpetuation and promotion of the 'Ukulele as a significant musical instrument.

The Guild's recently elected President is none other than the most notable ukulele ambassador, Kimo Hussey.
Kimo continues to enjoy his life-long interest in playing and teaching ukulele. Though he is not a builder, he has long acknowledged the importance of understanding how ukuleles are made and does enjoy the results of multiple collaborations he facilitated with several makers. He also acknowledges the significant contributions quality instruments have made to his playing and teaching. His most significant contribution to making ukes is sharing ideas for luthiers to consider in making their ukes even more player-friendly.