UGH began as a group of ‘ukulele builders sharing a common interest and desire to exchange information, techniques and experiences in the early 1990’s.

In September, 2001, a group of 18 people led by founder Mike Chock met to officially create a membership forum. The make-up and direction of the Guild was created and steps to form a non-profit corporation were initiated. A year later in 2001, the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort hosted the Inaugural ‘Ukulele Guild of Hawaii Exhibition and Conference.

Membership had grown to 155 and has over the years reached a worldwide membership of 300 with members as far off as Japan.  Today however the Guild has less than 100 active members.  The UGH has evolved into an organization that includes players and historians as well as the founding luthiers.  The Guild will hold its Annual Ukulele Exhibition this coming November in Waikiki.  See the site “Calendar” page for details.

The real story—Way back when…. the Guild was started by Mike "ukeman" Chock our now Executive Director and a few of his friends.  Since then Mike and his friends have encouraged many other ukulele enthusiasts to join their ranks and participate in the Guild’s efforts to share many things about the uke to include building, playing and donating a few to help our keiki learn to play it .  Players & builders: come one ,come all and share your secrets about this magical instrument!